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  • Is 6 hours of therapy to much for my child?
  • No. Six hours goes very quickly because your  child is busy performing all day to day activities such as dressing, grooming, eating snack, playing, with skilled therapy and strengthening in all activities provided during the day. The kids are having so much fun they don't mind the therapy.
  • Is the cast uncomfortable and how long do they keep it on?
  • The kids get used to it fairly quickly. At most it takes about 2-3 days of getting used to sleeping with the cast.
  • How do I pay for treatment and does insurance cover treatment?
  • Treatment is self pay but you will be provided with the name of an insurance advocate upon request to assist with being reimbursed. Depending on your insurance company you may get some reimbursement for treatment.
  • How often should I seek treatment?
  • Some families choose to come back 6 months, 1 year, or every other year to continue to build upon newly acquired skills. It depends on the family and the therapist. You would need to let your therapist know as soon as possible due to spots being filled quickly.
  • What should my child wear to casting?
  • Wear a short sleeved shirt for ease of applying cast.
  • Can family members participate in treatments?
  • Parents are encouraged to participate from time to time and learn about treatment process so that you can assist your child and continue to promote their new learned behaviors and skills.
  • What is a typical day of therapy?
  • It varies upon the protocol you choose. Each child will engage in a variety of functional and play activities based on their particular treatment goals and developmental level.
  • Where is treatment administered?
  • Whenever possible, in the natural environment. This may include the home, temporary residence, school, playgrounds, childcare center, or relative's home. 
  • Do I bring toys for my child?
  • Yes bring a couple of items your child enjoys to play with on their own for when therapy is over. AIOT will provide therapeutic toys and items for treatment.
  • How do I find a place to stay for treatment?
  • Housing during the month of treatment is not included in cost of services, however for out of town visitors, information is provided regarding local accommodations who are used to helping our families find comfortable accommodations.
  • What do I do after treatment is over?
  • Your therapist will provide you with a personalized home program designed specifically for your child.
  • What do we do when not in therapy?

  • Each family is provided with an in depth amount of fun activities to participate at home and that the city offers to allow for you to explore. 


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