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AIOT Provides Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services to Build upon a Future in ​a family friendly and natural home environment!


Abrams Intensive Occupational Therapy



Welcome to AIOT my name is Katera Abrams!  I am a licensed and board certified Occupational Therapist who has specialized in CIMT and intensive occupational therapy for 13 years.  AIOT was created to bridge the gap of care for children who are in need of an intensive amount of occupational therapy.  It is important to provide the children that we work with the hope, courage, and confidence to embrace the future ahead of them. We want each child to develop increased independence in their day to day lives. AIOT provides various protocols of intensive therapy to fit your child's specific needs. We Currently provide Pediatric Constraint Induced Therapy, Bilateral Therapy, AIOT Mini Sessions, AIOT Total Body sessions, and private therapy when available.  Please contact Katera Abrams for consultation to decide which treatment protocol is best for your child!

Who is eligible?

Any child 14 months-18 years with a neuromotor disorder. Other requirements include, having no serious or uncontrolled seizure disorders, and the child must be medically stable at the time of treatment. Private therapy also available for various diagnosis not listed above. Call for additional details.

Where does therapy take place?

Therapy takes place in the natural home environment.  If you are not local to the area you will be provided with information to make living arrangements within the Birmingham area for the month. Therapy in the home environment consists of the therapist coming to your home/apartment for the month to provide the therapy treatment that consists of strengthening and increasing functional mobility during all day to day tasks while having fun! Therapy can take place in the apartment, outside, and in specific planned outings i.e. zoo, science center, restaurants, and etc. to increase your child's functional mobility and confidence in various settings using skills trained during treatment. All while having fun of course!

What type of cast is used?

If choosing the traditional pediatric constraint induced therapy protocol your child will first be evaluated in the home and then fitted with a light weight univalve cast that is especially for him or her.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary based on month, duration of therapy, and protocol provided. Please contact us for more information. An insurance advocate is provided upon request to families seeking reimbursement.

Where do I sign up?

Children are treated in the order in which treatment is requested. For more information about treatment and availability, please contact Katera at (205) 582-8339 or email  Please allow up to 48 hours due to ongoing treatment. Summer sessions fill up quickly!

Constraint Induced Services

Traditional ACQUIREc therapy Protocol utilized and consists of 4weeks, 6 hours a day. The intensive therapy focuses on strengthening the affected side and decreasing lack of use of the affected extremity by casting the unaffected extremity. Therapy primarily focuses on unilateral (one hand) work (fine motor, gross, motor coordination, etc.) in functional activities in the natural home like environment. Bimanual therapy (two hand work) provided during last treatment week integrate new functional skills acquired.

Bilateral Services

The Bilateral treatment option focuses on the use of two hands throughout the 4 week,  6 hour a day to promote use of both upper extremities in use for daily functional tasks. Casting is not used to provide this treatment. This treatment is beneficial for children who have completed prior rounds of Constraint Induced therapy and are ready to transition away from the cast with additional intensive two hand therapy. This treatment is also beneficial to children who exhibit weakness on both sides of their body. 

AIOT Mini Session & Total Body Session

Two  or Three week sessions are available for most intensive protocols upon request and availability.  Private OT sessions of intensive therapy are available upon request as well. 

Total body sessions focus on complete body strengthening and functional mobility for children who are affected in all four limbs or significantly in their lower body. This intensive treatment is great for children who need more intensive work on fundamental skills or demonstrate lower functioning ability.

  she has an amazing way with kids- working with different age groups. My son loved being with Katera- he was always very excited and motivated, and he laughed heartily- which just warmed our hearts.


Katera has been able to build on the improvements he made during Katera's previous program last May, and I'm really very pleased with his progress so far. He absolutely loves when Miss Katera comes to play!


We highly recommend Katera's services. she has a tremendous amount of experience. Therapy with Katera is a very warm, family experience, and she treats your kids like her own.


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